My Life As A Traveler And Writer

A lot of people think that passion and profession don’t go well together. However, there are some people who have successfully managed to turn their passion into their full time job or profession. A perfect example is no other than the talented writer Alicia Braud. She is the kind of person who loves to write articles and stories about any type of topic or subject. In addition to this, she also fuses her talent in writing with her passion for traveling as he writes down all her experiences in exotic places around the world. This pushed her to become a professional traveling writer who is hired to write for many magazines and other publications.

The Beautiful World of Alicia

Yercaud scenery
Yercaud scenery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the past few years, Alicia has already visited several countries around the world. One of the many reasons why he loves to visit other nations is that he sees it as an opportunity to witness some of the most unique and exciting cultures and traditions across the globe. Aside from this, he also looks forward to viewing some of the most wonderful sceneries and breathtaking views in the world. These places and natural wonders serve as inspiration to her writing, which allows her to produce quality articles and stories. Nowadays, she is also a contributing writer to some of the leading publications and travel magazines in the state of California. She is also an avid gamer of Brave Frontier Hack and Summoners War Hack, in which she enjoys the most of her free time.

Although he has already been to many different countries, some of the places that Alicia considered memorable and mesmerizing were India, Malaysia, Micronesia, and Tibet. Because of her wonderful experiences as a traveler, Alicia considers herself as a very lucky woman to witness some of the most spectacular locations around the world. She will always treasure the opportunity provided to her to see the beauty of nature in different parts of the globe. As a professional writer, she also helps young people who are also aspiring to be great writers or authors in the future. He suggests them to visit places that are not yet considered tourists hot spots. The reason behind this is because of the fact that she wants writers to have something new and fresh to write. This has helped her tremendously in producing quality articles and stories that are very interesting to her followers and readers. In addition to writing stories, Alicia is also passionate in taking good pictures. In fact, many of her friends and colleagues consider her as a professional photographer. This is another one of her passions, which she was able to use as her profession.


Alicia Braud is an up-and-coming jewelry designer based in the United States. She discovered her penchant for designing accessories at the tender age of 7, when her parents gave her a bead set to play with. The young Alicia was able to create unique pieces that she then sold to her friends in exchange for candy. Now older and definitely wiser, Alicia has turned her hobby into a booming business bigger than she has ever hoped for. Her jewelry brand Alicia is now making the waves both online and in real life.

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